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European: Al'Akir (PvP)
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Welcome to <So Much Win's> homepage.

Hardcore 10man raiding guild on Al'akir-Eu, starting from scratch, aiming for stars! If you are interested in hardcore raiding on notable world rank, you mastery you class, can keep high raid attendance and have good previous/current raiding experience, dig into us and apply!

Before you consider applying, make sure you read the requirements page and DO follow the application template. Missing answers will not be tolerated.

We are currently not completely done with the guildsite and hoping to get it done to our needs in the following days. Sorry for any inconvenience caused due to that.
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SMW starting from a scratch!

SMWadmin, Jul 28, 11 6:25 PM.
Who is SMW?

SMW is a collection of like-minded individuals set on exploring endgame content in World of Warcraft. The plan of the guild is to have a relatively small pack of players who can keep VERY high attendance at progressing raids, and as low as possible on farm content to allow people to "have lives" . Everyone makes mistakes, but they are ment to be learned from and improved right after. Realizing yourself whats going wrong and trying to improve you're game is what we look for. The officers also understand, that things happen in people's lives: family vacations, jobs require overtime to be put in, and friends require attention. We work hard to manage these things so that people can raid endgame content and also go out and see the sun every once in awhile. We all have a life and know that breaks are needed from time to time, but taking them every 2 months means that we are NOT a guild for you.

What does SMW aim to do?

To put it simply, our aim is to offer quality endgame raiding on a notable world rank. Starting from a scratch is hard, but with people willing to put time and effort here, to create a longstanding successful community is what we all would love, right? The idea is to have understandable enviroment, we do not tolerate drama, lootwhoring or standby raiding. If you're needed to be replaced for a better spec on certain encounter you should be okay with it. If you're asked to play an alt the other day, you should haven o problems with it. The aim is to raid 5 days a week, Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday and sunday - 19.00 - 23.00 gametime.(progression raid's might demand staying for extra half an hour to get the bosskill when it's really close. If you are not flexible with the raid times/days then please don't bother applying.

As of when we are not raiding or raid is on farm status, having drunken BG-s or altruns on weekends.

What's different about SMW?

We offer a relaxed, yet successful raiding environment. We will be picky about who we invite and it will depend a lot on you're application. Afterall, having a good laugh and fun is what we all search for right? However, we expect to keep raid's serious on progression times, vent clear of stupid chit chat and being sober while raiding! These rules do not apply for farm status raid's and those are mainly to have fun and prepare for the upcoming fights blizzard throws at us!

If you feel you would fit in this community and would be ready to contribute, do not hesitate to apply.

Still looking for a capable officer, willing to take the duty and help building the core.
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